Lampasas December Gathering 2014

The Lampasas Ecclesia held a gathering in December 2014. The Presentations are now available for download in .mp3 format. Click the links below to reach the talks. Right click on the links (talk titles) to save the files.

Fri, 8:00 PM: Building Blocks of Salvation
By: Bro. Nathan Phillips

Sat, 10:30 AM: Humility vs. Self-Serving
By: Bro. Jim Rankin

Sat, 1:30 PM: Good People vs. God's People
By: Bro. Jim Sommerville

Sat, 7:00 PM: Like in the Days of Sodom & Gomorrah - The Last Days Awaiting Christ's Return
By: Bro. Mike Jasionowski

Sun, 10:00 AM: Wake Up & Be Aware - How the World Influences Us
By: Bro. Justin Patterson

Sun, 11:00 AM: Memorial Exhortation - Imagine the Kingdom: What Will Your Role Be, If Accepted?
By: Bro. Frank Darter