Lampasas June Gathering 2014

The Lampasas Ecclesia held a gathering in June 2014. The Presentations are now available for download in .mp3 format. Click the links below to reach the talks. Right click on the links (talk titles) to save the files.

Fri, 8:00 PM: Paul's Calling & First Journey
By: Bro. Ben Naglieri

Sat, 11:00 AM: Paul's Second Journey
By: Bro. Bill Summerville

Sat, 2:00 PM: Paul's Third Journey
By: Bro. Craig Kiley

Sat, 8:00 PM: Signs of the Times
By: Bro. Jim Phillips

Sun, 9:50 AM: Paul in Jerusalem & Caesarea
By: Bro. Bob Bent

Sun, 11:00 AM: Memorial Exhortation - Paul in Rome
By: Bro. Len Naglieri