Lampasas December Gathering 2013

The Lampasas Ecclesia held a gathering in December 2013. The Presentations are now available for download in .mp3 format. Click the links below to reach the talks. Right click on the links (talk titles) to save the files.

Already uploaded:

Fri, 7:30 PM: Social Media (Electronic Communication)
Please note: The first few minutes of recording were lost. Where the recording begins, the speaker is talking about fire.
By: Bro. Glendon Rhoades

Sat, 9:30 AM: Christ-Like Behavior In The Workplace
By: Bro. Richard Hurst

Sat, 11:00 AM: Sunday School Scholars In The Public Schools
By: Bro. Curtis Hurst

Sat, 2:00 PM: Dating In The World
By: Bro. Dan Jackson

Sat, 7:30 PM: Christ-Centered Finances
By: Bro. Jim Sommerville

Sun, 9:50 AM: Christ-Like Living 24/7
By: Bro. Gary Smith

Sun, 11:00 AM: Memorial Exhortation - Whom Do You Serve?
By: Bro. Bill Rinard


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