Hye 2017 Talks

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8:20 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 25-26
Speaker: Bro. Gary Stephen

10:00 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 27-28
Speaker: Bro. Robin Hendershot

11:30 AM - Exhortation
"The Virtuous Woman"
Speaker: Bro. Len Naglieri

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"God's Chosen People"
Through divine providence, Esther was given the opportunity to play a role in ensuring that the Jews would not be destroyed. Even without her the Jewish people would survive, but she would not. Mordecai’s words to her in chapter 4, verse 14: “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” The Jews are God’s chosen people: His witness to the Word. Their history is a witness: disobedient, punished, recorded in Scripture. Their future: fulfillment of Bible prophecy. They will not be unpunished, they will be trodden down until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. But Yahweh will not make a full end of them, despite the best efforts of their enemies. All the nations of the earth shall honor God’s people. They will not be destroyed.
Speaker: Bro. Lee Freeburg


8:20 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 29-30
Speaker: Bro. Justin Patterson

10:00 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 31-32
Speaker: Bro. John Tarver

11:30 AM - Exhortation
"Rachel and Leah"
Speaker: Bro. Jim Sommerville

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"Does the Bible Repress Women?"
Today's society teaches that men and women are equal. Modern-day gender equality will not be found in the Bible. But does that mean the Bible represses women? Scripture lays out different roles for men and women, and the types teach important doctrines. But, ultimately, scripture teaches that we are ALL, men and women, to repress, mortify, and subdue our sinful, human nature.
Speaker: Bro. Paul Garvey


8:20 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 33-34
Speaker: Bro. Andrew Naglieri

10:00 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 35-37
Speaker: Bro. Nathan Phillips

11:30 AM - Exhortation
"One Thing is Needful"
But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42). Our lives are full of constant decisions, many of which are crucial to our salvation. The few verses at the end of Luke 10 show us how important it is to properly prioritize the things in our lives. Martha thought she would be most useful by serving others, but Jesus' words to her show his concern for her priorities.
Speaker: Bro. John Phillips

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"A Great Lie"
The serpent’s lie to Eve: "Ye shall not surely die" (Gen 3:4). This is the same lie told by countless ministers and preachers throughout the world, that we have an immortal soul. God said that if Adam and Eve partook of the fruit they would “surely die”, directly contradicting the serpent adversary. So why do countless in Christendom believe this lie? How did this pagan belief make it's way into modern Christianity, with near universal belief? When Christendom's doctrine of “immortal soul” is abolished, then much of their false beliefs fall, too. What does the Bible really say about the nature of man? What is the real Biblical meaning of “soul"? What happens after death? Is there hope of eternal life? “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
Speaker: Bro. Rusty Stephen


8:20 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 38-39
Speaker: Bro. Glenn Rhoades

10:00 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 40-41
Speaker: Bro. Noland Wolfe

11:30 AM - Exhortation
"The Midwives Feared God"
But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the men children alive” (Ex 1:17). Yahweh works through small and great alike to achieve His purpose. While it can be easy to do as the authorities, kings, and presidents command, it can be much more difficult to have the courage to go against the law of the land when you know that what you do is for Yahweh and in accordance with His commands. The midwives of Exodus 1 verse 17 were women of faith who "did not as the king of Egypt commanded them". And in so doing, they laid their lives on the line for God, just as all of God's faithful people should be willing to do. Other examples of women of great faith: Ruth, the captive little maid with Naaman's leprosy, the widow of Zarephath, Rahab, the Canannitsh woman, the woman who touched Jesus's robe.
Speaker: Bro. Jerry Connolly

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"Earth An Inheritance"
The daughters of Zelophehad were concerned with their inheritance in the land of Caanan, and they did everything they could to secure their inheritance of the land. The promises to Abraham and David point to the land as a future, everlasting possession. The earth is the eternal inheritance of the faithful. “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt 5:5). It is the hope of all who have a knowledge of the Truth. Heaven-going is derived from Pagan mythology. The 1,000 year reign of Christ and the saints on the earth will be the beginning of their eternal inheritance of the earth. Through Christ we, too, can partake of the inheritance.
Speaker: Bro. Jim Rankin


8:20 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 42-43
Speaker: Bro. Caleb Hurst

10:00 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 44-46
Speaker: Bro. Aaron Hurst

11:30 AM - Exhortation
"That Wicked Woman"
For the sons of Athaliah, that wicked woman, had broken up the house of God; and also all the dedicated things of the house of the LORD did they bestow upon Baalim” (2 Chron 24:7). The Bible equates the name of Athaliah, daughter of Jezebel, with wickedness. Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, was a good king, "doing that which was right in the sight of the LORD" (2 Chron 20:32). However, Johoshaphat made a terrible mistake in making alliance with the house of Ahab, and it gives a warning to all ages of the dangers of “being unequally yoked together”.
Speaker: Bro. Ben Darter

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"Seed of the Woman"
"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel" Gen 3:15. Christ is the cornerstone and foundation of God’s promises to mankind. He is that particular descendant (seed) of the woman, through whom redemption was promised, who would destroy the seed of the serpent. He is the seed of Abraham who will possess the gate of his enemies and will receive the everlasting possession of the land of Canaan along with Abraham. He is the seed of David who will sit on David’s throne in Zion and reign as King of Israel and King of the Earth. He was born of Mary by God’s Holy Spirit- power, “son of man” as well as “son of God”. He had no previous existence, except in purpose, plan, and prophecy. He gave all the glory to God and prayed to God in his weakness. He could “do nothing” of himself, did not know all the things God knew, was taught by God, and was completely dependent on God. He was truly tempted, and truly overcame temptation. God has no beginning, cannot be tempted, cannot die, is all-powerful, all-knowing, and has no possibility of sinning. Jesus was not a pre-existent, co-equal, all-powerful, immortal God pretending to be tempted, be weak, die, etc. Jesus was of our mortal, physical nature, a nature in need of cleansing and redemption. Christ was under the law of sin and death. Though not a mere man, he had a mortal mother. His sacrificial work could not have been done had he not been one of the human race, experiencing temptation, trial, and suffering. Here was the key to victory, overcoming the condemnation of sinful flesh. He was tempted in all points like as we are, yet without sin. He became sin. He was always in subjection and will of the Father. He voluntarily laid down his life in cooperation with God in working out man’s redemption. He was specially prepared and strengthened by God to open the way of salvation for the race. He laid the necessary foundation of perfection, condemned sin, and justified God’s law and holiness. There is no hope for anyone outside of him.
Speaker: Bro. Frank Darter


*9:15 AM - Study Class
Ezekiel 47-48
Speaker: Bro. Jesse Gustavsson

*11:00 AM - Exhortation
"The Lamb's Bride"
The pure Ecclesia is the Bride of Christ and knows that when her Bridegroom comes she must have on the wedding garment, if she would be presented to him as a chaste bride. 2 Cor 11:2-4 speaks of the ecclesia as a chaste bride to be presented to Christ. The ecclesia is warned to remain chaste by not being corrupted through receiving a false gospel. The one hope offered by God for salvation is based on His one true gospel. The gospel is specific and particular good news that must be understood. It particularly involves the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. It cannot be believed before it is understood. The way to salvation is a straight and narrow way. There is truth, and there is error. The truth must be understood, believed and adhered to; and the error must be rejected and opposed. True belief means believing and adhering to what Christ and the apostles taught. Obeying the gospel involves understanding and holding to the fundamental elements that compose the gospel, as well as proper walk in life. Works are essential. Transformation of character is vital. To obey the gospel means doing as Christ instructed. One faith, one hope, one baptism. “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached, let him be accursed.” - Paul. "A glorious ecclesia, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish" (Eph 5:27). The "spots and wrinkles" can be obliterated by the righteousness of Christ, who is always our Advocate with the Father: provided -- that we confess and forsake our sins, and pray earnestly for mercy and forgiveness.
Speaker: Bro. Lee Smith

*2:00 PM - Youth Program
Presider: Bro. John Wolfe
Youth Address: Bro. David Sommerville

7:30 PM - Bible Lecture
"Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh"
Jesus Christ the Groom will be coming soon to rejoice in his Bride and establish the Kingdom of his heavenly Father. The political affairs of the world today and other current events indicate from scripture that his return is near.
Speaker: Bro. Josh Garvey


*10:00 AM - Exhortation
"Don't Look Back"
"But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt" (Gen 19:26). We would do well to keep Lot's wife continually in our thoughts. We are each faced with constant temptations from the world around us, and it can be difficult to let go of the flesh-pleasing things of this world. When lot agreed to leave the doomed city with his family, his wife kept looking back, grieving over the imminent loss of the material possessions and comfortable things of this world. Eventually, Yahweh's patience came to an end, and her desire for her old life caused her to lose her chance of salvation in a new life.
Speaker: Bro. Jim Phillips

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