Goldthwaite Gathering 2013

The Goldthwaite ecclesia held its 7th annual November Gathering this year. The Presentations are now available for download in .mp3 format. Click the links below to reach the talks. Right click on the links (talk titles) to save the files.

Fri, 8:00 PM: God's Plan Revealed Through Symbol
By: Bro. Lee Smith

Sat, 9:00 AM: The Passover - Looking Back
By: Bro. Glendon Rhoades

Sat, 10:30 AM: The Passover - Looking Closer
By: Bro. Glendon Rhoades

Sat, 1:30 AM: The Bread: This is My Body
By: Bro. Justin Patterson

Fri, 7:30 PM: The Wine: The Symbol of Christ's Shed Blood
By: Bro. Mark Dylla

Fri, 9:30 AM: Prioritizing our Life in the Lord
By: Bro. Mike Neely

Sun, 11:00 AM: Memorial Exhortation - Christ Our Passover
By: Bro. Gary Smith


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