A1.  Adult males (12 years and older) should wear pants (not shorts), shirts (not tanktops), and shoes at the meetings.  Presiding brethren at lectures should wear a tie.
A2.  Adult females (12 years and older) should wear dresses or culottes (split skirts) at the meetings.  The minimum length for dresses, skirts, and culottes should be just above the knees.
A3.  Children 11 years or younger may wear shorts at the meetings, but no shorts are allowed at Memorial meeting on Sunday.
A4.  Everyone: Shorts are allowed for anyone other than at meetings, but only of a decent length (at least as far down as the tips of the person’s fingers reach while in a standing-straight-up position) and a decent style (not skin-tight and without splits on the legs). No one is allowed to wear tank tops or spaghetti/noodle strap dresses on the grounds.
B1.  Brethren and sisters are not bound by any rule as to when they must go to bed or when they must get up, but attentiveness, participation and absorption (of information) at the meetings nearly always require getting appropriate sleep.
B2.  Brethren should take into consideration their actions in regard to the example set for the young.
B3.  Brethren and sisters can leave the grounds whenever they desire and return as well, but with the utmost of quietness.
B4.  Those returning to the grounds after midnight should turn off car lights when entering the grounds, and park as close to the gate as possible.
B5.  Brethren and sisters are not restricted where they can go, day or night (whether it be LBJ Park, the river, Fredericksburg, etc. - but of course, within the State laws).  But they go at their own risk.  However the Hye cemetery is to be visited only when going to pay proper respects.
B6.  The grounds are to quiet down at 11:00 PM.
B7.  The lights (except the lunch room) are to be out by midnight.
B8.  Group discussions, visiting and ground activities past 11:00 PM will be carried out only in the lunch room, with no time limit.  If necessary, it can be restricted to the new back lunch room.
B9.  All rules applicable to brethren and sisters are applicable to adults.
B10. Adult age begins at 18 years old (relative to all rules except for dress code).
B11. A minor will constitute anyone 17 years old and under (relative to all rules except for dress code).
B12. Parents/guardians are to be responsible for all minors that are living at home, regardless of age, to see that they obey all the rules of the camp ground.
B13. The youth director shall arrange a youth meeting at the beginning of the week to explain all the rules and the reason for attending the fraternal gathering to all minors.
B14. Anyone staying in the dorm is asked to please be considerate of others.  This includes not allowing males in the females’ dorms or females in the males’ dorms, being very quiet and using a flashlight or lamp rather than the dorm lights after someone else has gone to bed, being very quiet during the afternoon when some need a nap, tiptoeing up the steps and walking softly on the upstairs floor when others may be sleeping, and keeping your area clean enough to not attract rodents, ants, and other insects.
B15. Water balloons are banned from the camp grounds.
B16. Keep all animals on a leash and pick up after them when they go to the bathroom.
C1.  That the King James Authorized Version be used on the platform to lead the daily Bible readings.
C2.  The original names and titles of the Deity be allowed to be used during any meeting.
C3.  That we do not legislate on how to give prayer rather to use the Scriptures and Ecclesial Guide as guides.
C4.  Presiders will use sisters who will consent to wear an external covering while playing the piano for meetings.  To be a closed  rule - not open for discussion at a regular Hye Fraternal business meeting.
C5.  That a bell be rung five minutes before Bible Classes are to adjourn, so that children have time to return for closing prayer.
C6.  That the raised hands of only brethren in fellowship will be recognized at the discussion classes under the tabernacle.
C7.  Sisters shall remain silent in the Hye Fraternal business meetings.
C8.  That all sisters attending official meetings under the tabernacle at Hye will be expected (though not forced) to cover their heads with an external covering.
C9.  Any proposed rule relating to Curfew or Dress Code will be a closed rule, and not subject to deliberation or vote at a regular Hye fraternal business meeting.
D1.  That our Texas commiteemen make it clear in the annual business meeting with other fellowships that the tabernacle should not be removed, replaced, or walled in.  The committemen should use their discretion in relaying the Berean position on this whole subject.
E1.  All Hye Rules shall be subject to additions and deletions annually, following the same format established in 1987.
E2. Hye secretary to have all Hye proposals, changes, deletions, etc. in hand no later than March 15.  May be sent individually or via ecclesial recording brethren.  It is highly recommended that each proposer, when submitting the proposed rule, briefly explain and elaborate in writing the reason for the rule, as it is easy to miss or not realize important points for the rule’s use.
E3. Hye secretary will mail typed copies of all proposals to Texas recording brethren and Texas members in isolation no later than April 2.
E4.  Recording brethren will see that proposal copies are issued to respective ecclesial members no later than two weeks before the May quarterly Saturday.
E5. Proposals may be deliberated at the May quarterly Saturday.
E6. Proposal/ballot sheets are to be in the hands of one of the state committeemen, Hye secretary or Lampasas recording brother before 1:00 PM Sunday of the Lampasas Gathering.
E7.  Ballots to be counted sometime between Sunday 1:00 PM and Sunday 6:00 PM of the Lampasas Gathering weekend.
(These are the current rules, applicable to the Hye 2017 gathering.)